The Writing Studio at IITGN strives to serve the Institute’s community through academic and non-academic initiatives. We work with faculty and students to embed writing modules in engineering, science, technology and the humanities. We also offer focused workshops and short courses in academic and creative writing.

One-on-One Sessions

Sessions are available from 10 am to 5 pm on weekdays


Recent Events

How to Write a Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose (SoP) is a critical component of any application for academic programs, scholarships, grants, and fellowships. A well-crafted SoP not only showcases an applicant’s achievements but also displays their aspirations, motivations, and fit for the chosen opportunity. Our workshop aims to acquaint participants with the skills needed to create impactful SoPs.

Dissertation Writing Bootcamp

The Dissertation Writing Bootcamp facilitates a distraction-free environment to students to compose their dissertation. The Writing Studio provides expert support and peer feedback sessions.


Brush Up Your Grammar: A Workshop Series

The workshop series is designed to meet students’ basic grammar needs. It enhances their grammar skills and removes their dependency on grammar checking software. 

Writing for Engineering: Short Course

This short course covers the essentials of general writing skills that professional avenues in engineering and technology require. Participants learn writing techniques such as clarity, brevity and descriptive precision. The instructor discusses these skills within the context of writing technical descriptions, product descriptions, professional reports and creating a narrative for products. This course fuses the expressive power of writing with the innovative power of engineering.


Writers at Work: Suhrid Chattopadhyay

The Writing Studio hosted Mr Suhrid Chattopadhyay (Senior Deputy Editor, Frontline Magazine, The Hindu Group) for a conversation in their flagship lecture series “Writers at Work”. Mr Chattopadhyay was in conversation with the Writing Studio about his illustrious career as a writer, journalist, and editor.



The Writing Studio did a fantastic job on editing my manuscript which got published in ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters. The correction provided was meticulous and highly professional. I am sincerely thankful to the Writing Studio of IITGN. I would suggest all the faculty members at IITGN to take advantage of this platform to improve their manuscript for a wide range of audiences.

Prof Sudipta Basu

Associate Professor, Chemistry

The Dissertation Writing Bootcamp is truly very helpful for me, as previously I was always in the habit of writing to the point. After joining the bootcamp, I’m able to elaborate my words. Now I have clarity about how to write thesis chapters, the language and how to arrange things.


M.Sc. Physics

I would enthusiastically recommend going to the Writing Studio if you are working on your graduate school applications, your thesis, or any other important piece of writing. Writing Studio sessions will not only help you identify weaknesses in your current piece of writing but will also help you minimize these mistakes in your writing in the future.

Kratika Mujmer

Sabarmati Bridge Fellow

I have visited  the Writing Studio every single day, and I have received immaculate guidance every single day. Whether it be with SOPs, letters or simple emails, I have received a ton of help from the Studio. For me, Writing Studio is one of the best investments of IIT Gandhinagar.

Siddhant Kumar

Junior Research Fellow

After visiting the Writing Studio, I can find and correct my common writing mistakes. Tutors at the Writing Studio are very polite, and I especially would like to thank Monal ma’am because she has put continuous efforts into my writing for the past two years. Sometimes a single paragraph or a single sentence has been revised several times. She has helped me a lot in writing an excellent scientific paper that was recently published in reputed journal.

Amit Kumar Singh