February 9, 2019

Writing matters both in academic life and in professional careers. Applying to MIT, Stanford, Caltech, Princeton or any top university involves writing a statement of purpose. The job of a legislative aide, policy wonk or a diplomat involves writing emails, memoranda and policy papers. In business, emails, strategic plans and executive summaries are essential for communicating with various stakeholders from investors and creditors to distributors and customers. Even engineers have to write technical reports that allow those reading them to make informed decisions.

This writing workshop will give an overview of the principles of good writing. We have conducted it every year for the last three years and it has proved fairly popular as you can see from the attached photos.

Atul Singh is the founder, chief executive officer and editor-in-chief of Fair Observer, a 21st century alternative to The Economist with more than 2,100 writers from over 80 countries. He was a corporate lawyer in the City of London and an officer in India who did special operations in its border regions of Nagaland and Kashmir.

Singh has written on a wide range of issues, given a prescient talk at Google on the global rise of the far-right in August 2016 and authored a chapter on Brexit in a book on populist nationalism. He has an MBA from Wharton, was Radhakrishnan British Chevening Scholar at Oxford and did his first degree at Lucknow in India. He enjoys nature, literature, music, cooking and sport.