Ongoing Workshops

The Writing Studio offers workshops that may be scheduled for individuals or small groups of participants by request. You can find out more about these workshops here, and them book them on the page linked below!

Learning Articles with Movie Titles

Articles may seem to be minor, but they have a massive impact on readability. Missing articles can ruin an otherwise great manuscript. The workshop will focus on how to use articles appropriately in a text. By studying movie titles, students will be able to apply those skills in a broad context. 

Active and Passive Voice- Fundamentals

The identification of whether a sentence is in the Active or the Passive voice, as well as the knowledge of how to change a sentence from one to the other, is fundamental. In this workshop we will focus on the rules, as well an intuitive understanding of this concept. 

Active and Passive Voice in Academic Writing

One of the most common errors in style is the inappropriate use of the active and passive voice in academic texts. This workshop will introduce students to the appropriate use of active and passive voice in academic writing. 

Tenses in Scientific Writing 

A key skill in writing effective research papers is the use of the appropriate tense for the appropriate section. Every section needs to be in a particular tense, and often even when talking about the same subject, tenses need to change. This workshop will build this skill.