February 26, 2019


Sooner or later most of us have to write a statement of purpose.  This Tuesday, February 26 the IITGN Writing Studio offers the last in a series of one-hour hands-on workshops aimed at guiding students through the writing process in English. For this final workshop, the goal is for students to leave the computer lab with rough first drafts of their SOPs. Of course, each SOP must be tailored to the student and the position, but in this workshop, you will hone a mindset of collecting and documenting points in your career trajectory so that when the time comes to polish up your SOP for your dream position, you will have all you need not just to claim to be a good prospect, but to show the reasons why.

Garry Nicol is a recently retired California English as a second language instructor from Skyline Community College, located in a heavily immigrant community next door to San Francisco.  Much of his career was spent helping nonnative English speakers improve their academic writing to the college levels necessary for successful completion of a university degree.  With a BA from UC Santa Cruz and MAs from the University of Washington in Seattle, Garry’s career includes teaching two years in Macedonia on a Fulbright, as well as doing stints at the World Maritime University in Malmö, Sweden, and at Harvard Summer ESL.