February 15, 2019

Structure is an important feature of academic writing. A well-structured text enables the reader to follow the argument and navigate the text. In academic writing, a clear structure and a logical flow are imperative to an understandable, cohesive and coherent text. Academic texts follow established structures. In academic or scientific writing, you need to be precise, clear, coherent and succinct. Following an already defined structure helps you in planning your work and in not repeating ideas. During this session, we will analyse the structure of articles and posters.

Maria João Amante has a degree in History (University of Lisbon, Portugal), an MSc in Information Management (University of Sheffield, England) and a PhD in Documentation (University of Alcalá, Spain). Since 2004, she has been Information and Documentation Services Director at ISCTE-IUL. She also taught the Masters in Information Sciences at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias and in several degrees at Universidade Europeia (Laureate International Universities). Since 2017, she has been visiting IIT Gandhinagar as Scholar-in-Residence (Humanities), teaching short courses on Scientific Writing and contributing to other institutional activities. She is member of several Conference Scientific Committees (acting as peer-review and program adviser).  She has pub­lished several articles and book chapters and presented papers in national and international seminars and conferences on subjects such as academic libraries, information literacy, information management, institutional repositories and fac­ulty-librarians relationships.