August 19, 2019 & August 20, 2019

Scientists and researchers are used to write scientific articles whose target are their peers. In those articles, they use an academic style, usually not easily understood by lay audiences.
Digital technologies came to make easy for anyone with basic skills to directly communicate with wide audiences, and so overlap the traditional obstacles when trying to have access to the Media. Among those basic skills are writing skills that help maximize communication efficiency.
Different channels, different public targets, different messages require different writing styles and techniques. In this session, I will share some tips and discuss how to produce press releases, opinion articles, blog posts and other formats of written communication. Each attendant will be asked to write a text about his/her own research topic, and there will be a second session, more practical, where we will go through, discuss and comment those texts.

Dr Vasco M. Trigo is a science journalist for more than 20 years and a science communication researcher. He graduated in Statistics and Information Management from Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal) and got his MBA in Audiovisual and Multimedia from Universite Saint-Louis Bruxelles (Belgium). He is former Head of Communication and Multimedia Office at ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon (Portugal). He recently joined IITGN for three months as Scholar-In-Residence.