Professional Writing

Proficiency in professional writing will help you understand how to write professional e-mails, research proposals and statement of purposes (SOPs). These kinds of writings require a very formal tone along with a formal vocabulary. They are written in a way much different from the language of conversation.

 In this section, you will find resources that will guide you on the many conventions and norms that must be followed for professional writing.

Resumes and CVs

Cornell University Graduate School

Academic Cover Letters (10 Tips)

Steve Joy, University of Cambridge.

14 Tips for Writing a Proposal

Kurose & Hambrusch

Ten Simple Rules for a Good Poster Presentation

Erren TC, Bourne PE (2007), PLoS Computational Biology 

How to be an Effective Technical Writer?

Dr. Dheya Al-Othmany and Dr. M. Solaiman Ali IEEE Xplore

How to send and reply to E-Mail

Matt Might, Univ. of Alabama

More Resources

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