Academic Writing

Academic writing is aimed at a scholarly audience.  Because academic writing is adding to human knowledge, there are high standards to observe.   For example, journal articles use a structured format to present an argument or hypothesis, research methods, evidence, interpretation of the data, and how the research matches up with other research in the same field. The structured format helps readers carefully evaluate the claims, arguments and supporting evidence.  Academic writing follows norms — accuracy, brevity, clarity — and generally avoids informal expressions. This section gives basic information about academic writing as well as many specific resources.

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How to Write a Paper

Mike Ashby. Engineering Dept., University of Cambridge, 2005



Writing a Literature Review

Writing Centre, University of Adelaide

The Lab Report

University of Toronto


Dissertation Planner: step-by-step

Institute for Academic Development, The University of Edinburgh

Elements of Style for Writing Scientific Journal Articles

Gaëlle Hull Elsevier, Oxford, UK [December 2013]